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We’re sure you agree that your deck is an integral part of your home, and a favourite spot during spring and summer months! Whether you’re looking to have a new sundeck built, or have an existing one repaired or rebuilt, we’ve got the know-how, expert workmanship, and quality service you’re looking for. And you’ll like how we’re priced very competitively too! We know decks explicitly well, and we’ll build the perfect one for you or return your existing one to its former beauty and structural integrity.

Welcome To Celsky Vinyl Sundecks & Railings

Vinyl Sundecks for Metro Vancouver Homeowners Who Want an Attractive, Well-Built Addition.

There’s no season of the year quite like summer where you’re going to appreciate your sundeck. Being able to be outdoors and comfortable while being only steps from your kitchen and living area is a real plus, and it’s such a nice spot for you to sit with guests on a sunny afternoon or early evening. Keep in mind however, that when the season changes to fall and winter your deck is going to be exposed to the elements in the same way your roof is.


Many homeowners will opt for vinyl sundecks with the fact they are particularly durable and resilient in the face of weather extremes, whether that’s extreme cold and precipitation or the degrading effects of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. While there will be no shortage of carpenters who can build you a sundeck, you should make sure to choose a builder who has specific expertise with vinyl sundecks.

Vinyl Decks in Vancouver’s Many Communities – A Smart Choice

In Vancouver, there’s one such expert who’s making a solid name for themselves with one beautiful and solidly built deck after another. That’s Celsky Vinyl Sundecks & Railings, and they encourage any property owner who’s considering a new or renovated sundeck to give them a call for a free, no-obligation estimate. They’ll definitely espouse the virtues of going with vinyl decks, and it’s a fact that the majority of clients who decided on one for their home are very pleased with both the aesthetics and durability of theirs.


This is particularly true after a number of years have passed and the sundeck still looks relatively new with no fading, cracking, or other signs of degradation. Yes, that’s a testament to their long-lasting durability, but it’s also one to the expert workmanship each job receives from Celsky. Check out their gallery at to see for yourself!

Glass Railings – An Excellent Complement for Your Deck

There are many different ways you can add to the beauty and distinctiveness of your sundeck, and glass railings are definitely one of them. Celsky Vinyl Sundecks & Railings also specialize in their installation, and they have a broad understanding of the best products and which ones would work well for your property and deck design. To learn more about us and see where the smart money goes for excellence in sundeck design,
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