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Wood Decks

Wood Decks with Vancouver Homes – A Classic West Coast Combination

Hard to argue that’s there’s any better place to sit with family and / or friends on a sunny summer day than on a sundeck. Vancouver homeowners have a wide selection of nice hardwoods they can choose for their new sundeck, or rebuild of their existing one. Add the fact you can choose a classic form or one that is more expressive or well-suited to your home’s exterior and it’s easy to see why folks will get excited at the prospect of-building one and enjoying it in full.

Wood decks have so much character, and they’re often a more aesthetically natural choice for many homeowners’ tastes. The wood’s grain is especially attractive, and you’ll almost certainly want to have it treated with a protective wood stain that guards the wood against weather wear and fading and adds to the richness of its colour. Provided they’re built well by expert tradesmen like Celsky Vinyl Sundecks & Railings, they’ll be structurally sound and ready for anything for well more than a decade or longer, an perhaps even close to 2 decades before you’ll see it with considerable visible or structural wear.

Wood Decks Repair for Discerning Lower Mainland Homeowners

Celsky is very experienced with making structural assessments to sundecks, and will give you an honest appraisal of to what extent a repair job is required, or if complete replacement of the sundeck is a better option. From there, they’ll be happy to accommodate any specific requests you may have and, if you’d like, they can make suggestions of their own about what might work well with your home specifically.

No idea is too conventional or boring, and neither are ones that have you being especially creative in your design ideas!

Tested and True – Wooden Sundecks for A Wood-Framed Home

Whether your interest is in a new deck for your home, or more in refitting and revamping your existing one, no one is better for sundeck builds and wood decks repairs in the Lower Mainland than Celsky Vinyl Sundecks & Railings.